strategic interface designer

I create interfaces

that deliver strategic advantage

A good interface does not just look good, but should strategically fit a company and its users. To create your new strategic interface, I help you find a unique proposition that fits your brand position and will differentiate your company from the competition. An interface that is created with a clear goal and vision will make it a pleasure for all users to use your service.


The mission of the interface should be very clear, what is the purpose of your new interface?

User oriented

The people that will use the final product are the core of the complete design process.


I like to create new and unique solutions to make your brand stand out from the crowd.
Corné van den Brink

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About me 

Hi, my name is Corné van den Brink, I really like to work on new and unique interface’s that distinguish your company from the competition.

In high school, I already started my first company to build websites for many different companies. I especially liked to talk to those clients and think along with them to come up with new ideas for their company. During my bachelor Industrial Design Engineering and masters Strategic Product Design and Design for Interaction at the TU Delft, I learned many new methods to create products and services that are user-focused, technically feasible and how to translate cool ideas into viable strategies.

Besides my study, I also started a foundation Hartige Samaritaan together with some friends. I like to work a lot with people and with this foundation I had the possibility to do exactly that. This foundation organizes different projects together with refugees, we think of new projects and lead a group of enthusiast volunteers and refugees. This project was a bit over ambitious, but the result is fantastic and showed me that passion and a clear vision can make a lot possible.



When analyzing your company, I like to zoom out to really understand the added value that we can create with the new solution.


We all want a better world for everyone, but not everything is possible. I think that good solutions need a viable plan to realize it.


When I start a project, I want to get the most out of it. Settle before it is perfect is not an option and I am always eager to find new challenges.

How I work

The steps to a strategic success

Brand identity

At the start of the project, it is important to have a clear vision of your brand identity to create a unique proposition that should be reflected in the final interface. I like to zoom out during talks to get to the essence of the design goal.


After that, I will talk to all different stakeholders that are connected to the idea and investigate how they work and what they like.


In order to validate the assumption, I make sketches and wireframes. With this we can quickly validate if the ideas are great for users and see if these ideas are technically possible for the company.


When the idea is clear, and we know what we want to create, I first make a real prototype that users can interact with and test if it works as users expect.


Because of my experience in programming, I can create clear outlines for the interface and work together with developers to build the final product.


The final service can be launched with a clear strategy.

Turn your idea in a design with a clear strategy

More then just a new design

The design shouldn’t be in the first place about how something looks, but about how it should work and is relevant to the company and its customer.

User insights

Get to know the users of your service, what they actually like and know how to serve them in the best possible way.

Clear plan

Not just some nice idea’s, but a clear plan how to execute the needs in a clear plan which is actually makable and fits your company.

Brand positioning

Every part of the new interface reflects what distinguishes your service from other options in the market.

How this works

An example of strategic design

Lagerwey is a fast growing Dutch manufacturer of wind turbines. To scale up their production they needed a clearer way to give information all new engineers and mechanics. Besides personnel, also clients want information about their wind turbines. There were already some very technical systems available, but they were not usable for the people that had to use them and displayed way too much information.

The in-house programmers of Lagerwey started with an early version of this new digital environment but drowned in the many things they could add to the interface. There was no clear vision of what the interface should display and how users would use it.

With a clear definition of what the interface should do and a real interactive prototype that exactly shows how the interface should work, reflection got a lot better and progress was possible.


Goal definition

The first step for this project is getting to know what is already available, what the interface should do and how this can differentiate Lagerwey from other manufacturers.

User insight

This product will be used by different people that have very different expectations and needs. Therefore I talked to a lot of people and investigated how they want to work.


After the mission, possibilities, and needs are clearly formulated, a prototype gives even more insights and finally gives a clear outline to the developers.

Clear stategy

Not everything can be done at once, we worked in a small team so made a clear plan about what has to be done first and how this could be deployed.

Curious to the possibilities?

Browse through some of my projects to see what’s possible

Werkplaats display

Werkplaats display

CTOUCH verkoopt interactieve touchscreens voor klaslokalen en vergaderruimtes. Om hun portfolio uit te bereiden heb ik een concept ontwikkeld om deze schermen geschikt te maken voor de werkplaats voor betere instructies op de werkvloer.

Lagerwey monitoring system

Lagerwey monitoring system

Tijdens de stage bij Lagerwey heb ik verschillende concepten uitgewerkt voor een online dashboard waar zowel klanten als servicemonteurs overzichtelijk de juiste informatie kunnen inzien over de windturbine.

Zelfscan IKEA

Zelfscan IKEA

Ontwikkeling van verschillende fysieke en digitale concepten en gebruikerstests om de zelfscan ervaring bij IKEA te verbeteren. Hierbij was mijn focus vooral op het digitale onderdeel van de kassa.

Start-up Pearing

Start-up Pearing

Vanuit een vak bij YesDelft! heb ik met enkele studenten een start-up opgericht dat gesprekken in rumoerige ruimtes zoals restaurants mogelijk maakt voor slechthorenden.

App voor kindertuinen

App voor kindertuinen

Samen met verschillende kindertuinen in Delft is een app met opdrachten ontwikkeld om kinderen te stimuleren om de natuur te ontdekken.

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Let’s Start Something new

I like to explore new challenges